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Future Events

July: Annual Picnic July 7, 2015 Notice Time Change — 6:00PM Bring your favorite picnic food and join us for an evening of laughs and tasty food! There's something for everyone! See newsletter for directions.

August: No Meeting

September: September 1 - Affiliate Night at the Pine Tree Quilt Guild 6:30pm

September 3 - Quilt Show Meeting 2:00pm

Quilt Show Timeline

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"SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES"Pine Tree Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Show

April 30 and May 1, 2016
Saturday 10-5 • Sunday 10-4

President's message President's Message • July 2015

Kate Grant, PTQG PresidentGreetings Guild Members!

Many of us are retired and I don't know how you transitioned from working to
retirement, but I needed some direction or focus to help me get started in
navigating these uncharted waters. So I decided to formulate a retirement
mission statement. It is brief and to the point: my mission is to make artful,
useful objects.

For me, the artful part (right brain) has been more challenging than the useful part (left brain), and I do make some artless, useless objects which get tossed. But it turns out that the truly important words in my mission statement are "make" and "objects".

I remember in my early days of quilting the magic of transforming a pile of uncut fabrics into a colorfully organized quilt. It seemed like a small miracle to be able to physically change a group unconnected objects into a coordinated, meaningful whole. Since these early days, I have learned new techniques and my skills have improved, but the thrill is still there—seeing my idea and the pieces come together into a tangible object of my creation.

Good friends are like quilts -they age with you and never lost their warmthPeter Korn, in his book "Why We Make Things and Why It Matters," states that being given something may produce temporary happiness, but it is the making of something that produces long lasting fulfillment, which is ultimately more satisfying. Even though his craft was woodworking, he could easily have been talking about quilting.

Lucky us, to have this artful craft of quilting to experience the joy and fulfillment of making objects.

See you all at the Guild Picnic on July 7th!

Note: Thanks to Connie Ferrao for letting me know I had missed names of some volunteers at the Quilt Show in my listing last month. These people are as follows--member Jay Pohl; non-member friend Jay Shuholm ; and husband Bob Cardwell. Thank you for your valuable participation.

...From Kate Grant, PTQG President
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32nd Annual "SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES" Quilt Show
April 30 & May 1, 2016
pdfPTQG 2014 Quilt Show Winners