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Future Events


October 6, 6:30 General Meeting • Grass Valley Charter School 225 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley

October 6, 6:30pm Lecture: A Quilter's Journey • Grass Valley Charter School 225 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley

October 7 - Workshop: Autumn Cross

Other News

The Dues Vote: Here's the plan
At our October meeting, we will be voting on whether or not to increase our annual dues from $25 to $30. Here is how the voting will proceed.
First, I will ask for a motion and a second to increase the dues. Then we will have 5 minutes for final comments or questions from the members. At the end of the brief discussion, paper ballots will be handed out. You will then be able to mark the ballots, and they will be collected. The ballots will be counted during the meeting and results will be announced before the end of the meeting.
Your vote is very important. Please make every effort to attend this meeting.

Quilt Show Timeline

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"SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES"Pine Tree Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Show

April 30 and May 1, 2016
Saturday 10-5 • Sunday 10-4

pdfPTQG 2015 Quilt Show Winners Album - click here.

President's message President's Message • September 2015

Kate Grant, PTQG PresidentGreetings Guild Members!

Just to give you a holiday head start, I would like to share my Christmas fabric ideas with you. One year I got the bright
idea of wrapping everyone's Christmas presents in Christmas fabrics. A big investment? Yes, but a good one. Think about
all the Christmas wrapping that gets thrown away, and it is not inexpensive. The fabric would not be thrown away and I
would use it to make future holiday gifts and décor—how fun!

In year #2 of this not fully thought out plan, I decided to make a Christmas quilt for my first two grandchildren. I had almost all the fabric I needed. Just to make sure these children used and appreciated it, I told them it was a magic Christmas quilt. If they slept under it one night during the week before Christmas, they would get an unexpected gift on Christmas morning. The unexpected gifts were paper money trapped inside clear magic boxes. Kept them occupied for several days.

Year #3 found me still with a pretty decent stash of Christmas fabrics, so I opted to make a variety of Christmas napkins. (We have to use fabric napkins at our house because our dog steals and eats paper napkins directly from our laps.) In order to have a wide enough array of holiday designs however, I had to buy a few more fabrics. We still use these napkins at Christmas—another good investment.

Good friends are like quilts -they age with you and never lost their warmthThe next year (#4), we hosted Christmas for the whole family, which by now included an additional in-law and a new grandchild. How fun it would be to make Christmas pillow cases for everyone! Pillow cases are much bigger than napkins and our family was bigger as well, so I needed a lot of new Christmas fabric, which by now had already been moved to a large bin.

And here we are at year #5 and I have a very large supply of Christmas fabrics. But it's only September, so I have some time to figure out what to make. Stockings? Placements and table runners? Tree skirts? Decorative pillows? Christmas gift bags? No, I think what I'll do this year is wrap all the Christmas presents in fabric and let the recipients keep the fabric so they can start their own Christmas fabric journeys.

The End (I hope)

...From Kate Grant, PTQG President
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October Program: Marcia Harmening on October 6th, 6:30pm

October WorkshopHi. My name is Marcia Harmening and I am the owner and designer for Happy Stash Quilts. I fell in love with quilting 15 years ago as a means of staving off insanity during the long, dark Alaska winters. I found that colorful fabric combined with colorful friendships is, indeed, the perfect solution for surviving the snowy, monochromatic season. I enjoy teaching on a regular basis and editing quilt books for Brenda Henning of Bear Paw Productions. I began publishing my own patterns in 2008. In 2010, after 23 years in Alaska, my husband and I and our three children relocated to Reno, Nevada, where we are soaking in an unbelievable abundance of sunshine.

Lecture is: A Quilter's Journey on Oct 6th 6:30pm at Grass Valley Charter School
Workshop is: Oct 7th on Autumn Cross, make it in luscious fall colors.
Pattern is included in class. Tuscan Vineyard is an alternate BUT the applique portion will NOT be taught in the workshop.
Space is still available. Contact Kathleen Stanley.

32nd Annual "SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES" Quilt Show
April 30 & May 1, 2016
pdfPTQG 2015 Quilt Show Winners