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Future Events

May 5th: No Speaker - "What Else Do You Do? No Workshop

June 2nd: Carol Ziogas - No Workshop.Be amazed with her knowledge of the development of textiles and her display of 19th and 20th century Japanese textiles, including indigo, shibori, katazome, kimono, and sashiko pieces.

July: Picnic

August: No Meeting

Quilt Show Timeline

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"SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES"Pine Tree Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Show

April 30 and May 1, 2016
Saturday 10-5 • Sunday 10-4

President's message President's Message • May 2015

Kate Grant, PTQG PresidentGreetings Guild Members!

Last month I wrote about how you personally benefit from volunteering. This month I decided to take a look at who else benefits from your volunteering efforts. Here is what I came up with.

Beneficiaries of your volunteering:
-- The Guild. Our guild has thrived for over 30 years primarily as a result of the volunteer efforts of our members. Without these efforts, our guild would not exist.

-- Other members of the Guild. When you volunteer, you create new connections with other guild members and often form new friendships as well.

-- The recipients of Community Service donations. These recipients have included infants, children, the elderly, members of military, and victims of disasters, to name a few. The many thank you notes we receive attest to the beneficial impact of these efforts.

-- Your spouse/partner/significant other. Volunteer activities get you out of the house, into the community and out of their presence, even if just for a short time. When you are gone, they miss you and appreciate you more, which makes you happy. And when you're happy, they're happy. (I know this one was a bit of a stretch.)

-- Our Nevada County community. When distributing quilt show flyers last year to businesses in downtown Nevada City and Grass Valley, I was struck first by the joyful welcome of the merchants to display our flyer. Second, when placing our flyer next to the others, I was struck by the colorful patchwork of notices for other events going on. It was evident to me at that moment that our guild is a tangible and vibrant part of the patchwork of the life of our community.

This last item brings me to our 2015 Quilt Show, which is just around the corner (May 2nd & 3rd). This event epitomizes the multitude of volunteer efforts of our guild. It is a celebration of our coming together to show our work, raise funds for charitable projects and for the Guild, and to enrich the greater community.

See you at the Show!

...From Kate Grant, PTQG President
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June Program – Carol Ziogas
The Ardent Thread • Blog of KimonoMomo
June 2nd - No Workshop

Carol ZiogasCarol will share her knowledge of textiles and her display of 19th and 20th century Japanese textiles. Her talk will include discussion of history, techniques, design meanings and insight into the influence of politics, economics and environment on textile production.

Carol has been sewing since 1978 and researching Japanese textiles since 2004. She teaches, lectures, sells and collects as many beautiful textiles and books about them as she can. She has been blogging since 2008 and writing for publications since 2010. She is on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as well as maintaining an Etsy store.


32nd Annual "SPRINGTIME IN THE PINES" Quilt Show
April 30 & May 1, 2016
pdfPTQG 2014 Quilt Show Winners