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Topic: BylawsBylaws

Revised 2019

Article 1: Name of Guild
The name of this organization shall be Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Nevada County, Inc., a non-profit corporation referred to as the Guild.

Article 2: Purpose of the Guild
Section 1

The purpose shall be to contribute to the growth of knowledge about quilting techniques, patterns, history and quilt-making by providing educational meetings, fun and fellowship. The guild sponsors and supports charitable quilting activities, encourages quilt-making and collecting, and promotes the appreciation and knowledge of quilts.

Section 2
This Guild shall be a non-profit organization under the laws of and on file with the State of California. As a non-profit organization, the activities of the Guild shall be conducted in such a manner that no part of the net income shall benefit any individual. Exceptions may be if a member is hired as a principal lecturer/teacher/ quilter by the Executive Board. Guild members may sell items at board approved guild events. (2019)

Section 3
In the event of dissolution, any and all properties owned by the Guild shall be disposed of, with all the monies being distributed to organization(s) which qualify as non-profit under the laws of the State of California and as the general membership has pre-set as recipients.

Article 3: Membership
Section 1

A. Personal membership in the Guild is open to any person, regardless of race, color, creed, sex or natural origin, who subscribes to the purposes of this Guild. Membership becomes valid with payment of dues and completion of a membership form. Members shall be supplied with a membership roster, with the understanding that this roster will not be used for commercial purposes. Only members in good standing may participate in home workshops, Jamboree, or other special events.(2019)

Members shall be supplied with a membership roster, with the understanding that this roster will not be used for commercial purposes. Only members in good standing may use the library, participate in home work-shops, Jamboree, or other special events.

B. Junior members ten to eighteen years of age shall have an individual sponsor. Membership becomes valid with payment of dues and completion of membership form, co-signed by a parent or guardian. Junior members shall have all the privileges of active membership, except holding elective office.

 C.  Affiliate memberships are available to any business. Dues are one-and-a half (1 ½) the individual membership dues, as set by the membership. One designated affiliate business owner shall have all the rights of individual guild membership. If the affiliate business has additional owners, they may attend general meetings, but shall not have the voting privileges, hold office, or constitute any portion of a quorum unless they are also an individual member of the guild.

D. Guild members may be elected to the Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership.

Section 2
Guests are welcome to attend two (2) meetings free and are expected to become dues paying members no later than the third (3rd) meeting. Non-members shall sign in at each meeting.

Section 3
Members will receive a membership roster and free admission to Guild meetings as scheduled, except for special programs where extra costs must be defrayed. Additional programs and workshops are subject to admission charges to the membership and guests. Members shall sign in at each Guild meeting

Section 4
Any decisions made by the voting of the general membership shall be made by a majority of the members present at a regular or special meeting, when all members have been notified. No provision is made for absentee or proxy vote

Article 4: Meetings
Section 1
The Guild shall schedule a regular meeting September through June, with special event meetings in July with August optional. Other meetings may be announced by telephone, email or mail in advance.

Section 2
Special meetings may be called by the President, other Board members, or by action of membership. All members are to be notified of special meetings.

Section 3
The place of Guild meetings shall be arranged by the President, with the approval of the Executive Board.

Section 4
When special workshops are held by guest speakers, members are accepted first, then non-members, as space permits.

Article 5: Officers
Section 1

The Guild shall have a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. They shall be elected by the mem-bership and shall constitute the Executive Board of the Guild. No elected officers may serve more than two con-secutive terms in any one office. Chairpersons of standing and special committees are to be appointed by the President and must meet with the approval of the Executive Board and shall serve as members of the Board.

Section 2
The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Guild and shall preside at all general, special and Board meetings. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the Guild. The President shall instruct the secretary regarding the issuance of notices, minutes and general correspondence.

The Vice President shall serve as assistant to the president in all matters.

The Vice-President shall perform such duties as requested by the President. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall conduct Guild meetings and/or Board meetings. In the event that the President cannot com-plete the term of office elected to, the Vice-President will assume all duties and responsibilities of the office of President for the remainder of the term. The Vice President shall serve as Parliamentarian with responsibility to see that the rules set forth in the by-laws are followed. The Vice President shall oversee the review of these by-laws every two years.

The Guild Vice President shall accept nominations from the Guild members for the Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership and present them to the Board for selection.

The Secretary shall keep records of minutes including all motions made and carried at each general, special and Board meetings, and shall take care of general correspondence. The Secretary will conduct Guild meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President.

The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of the Guild's funds. The Treasurer shall arrange payment of all bills.

At the close of each fiscal year, the Treasurer shall prepare the books for audit.

Section 3

A. The fiscal year shall run from January 1 to December 31.

B. Annual dues to the Guild shall be levied at a rate determined by the majority vote of those present at the gen-eral meeting, payable no later than the January general meeting each year. New members joining be-tween July 1 and December 31 will pay half rate. Membership termination shall occur upon failure to pay yearly dues.

C. Budget committee shall meet in September and shall consist of not less than five (5) members: the current President, Vice President, Treasurer and Finance Chair and at least one (1) member from the general membership. They shall submit a budget to the Board at the October board meeting. The budget shall be submitted to the general membership via newsletter prior to the December general meeting. The budget will be presented to the general membership for approval at the December general meeting. Any future changes up to and including $1000 can be approved by the Board.  Changes greater than $1000 shall be approved by the general membership.

D. All four members of the Executive Board shall be authorized to sign checks for the Guild. All checks shall be signed by two members of the Executive Board

E. The President shall appoint an auditor with the approval of the Board. The audit is to be done prior to the June Board of Directors Meeting.

F. The PTQG follows the IRS regulations for restricted funds to non-profits. Donations designated by the donor for a specific purpose or committee (such as Community Service or Jamboree) are to be spent on that alone. These funds are carried forward to the following year(s) if unspent. (2019)

Section 4

This is a list of standing committees, some of which may be on hiatus in any given year. (2019)

Block-of-the-Month Chairperson(s) shall select and print pattern(s) and be responsible for the Block-of-the-Month at general meetings.

Bus chairperson(s) shall make arrangements for bus travel as needed and collect fees at the time of registration.

Charm Square Exchange Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for collecting and exchanging squares.

Challenges Chairperson(s) shall coordinate the Challenges.

Community Service Chairperson(s) shall work as a community service facilitator to develop a Guild project(s) and promote participation of the Guild general membership. This will also include Drop In and Quilt activi-ties.

Computer Chairperson(s) shall keep all membership records current and is responsible for preparing the roster for printing.

Education Outreach Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for making our program known and available to area schools and other organizations and coordinating presentations.

Equipment Chairperson(s) shall keep track of all the Guild's physical assets, such as quilt frames, projectors, microphones, etc.

Finance, Budget &/or Audit Chairperson(s) shall assist both Guild and Quilt Show Treasurers with record keeping and government reporting, if requested. Auditor shall audit both sets of books annually and may assist with the Budget Committee

Friendship Block Chairperson(s) shall coordinate participation of Guild members.

Historian/Photographer Chairperson(s) shall keep a record of Guild events and display this information in a scrapbook and shall take photos as required at general meetings and special Guild events and they will be displayed in a photo album, or other media.

Home Workshop Chairperson(s) shall arrange workshops, location and Drop in and Quilt if space allows.

Hospitality/Mentor Chairperson(s) shall greet new members and visitors at general meetings.

Jamboree Chairperson(s) shall select and arrange date, location, and teachers for the Guild's annual Jamboree.

Junior Members Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for monthly meetings and planning their junior activities.

Library Chairperson(s) shall have responsibility of all books, videos, periodicals, etc. donated or purchased for the use of Guild members. The Librarian shall be responsible for recording of items checked in and out of the library, and bringing publications to the general meetings for members to check out.

Membership Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for the collection of membership dues, dispense membership cards to each member and keep a current roster.

Mini-Group Chairperson(s) shall assist members in joining a mini-group.

Mystery Gift Chairperson(s) shall purchase gifts for drawings at each meeting, the proceeds of which are used to purchase the next month's gifts.

N.C.Q.C. (Northern California Quilt Council) representative shall attend meetings and give reports back to the Board.

Newsletter Chairperson(s) shall put out a Newsletter each month before the Guild meeting, which shall include notifying members of regular meetings and special events (2015).

Nominating committee shall be responsible for selecting at least one member for each of the four elected of-fices. Every effort should be made to nominate two. The committee's recommendations will be presented to the general membership at the September meeting. (See Article 7: Sections 1 and 2)

Opportunity Quilt Chairperson(s) shall coordinate all aspects of the Opportunity Quilt (2015).

Patchwork Star Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for the selection selecting the Stars, writing about them for the newsletter, and interviewing them at the general meetings.

Picnic Chairperson(s) shall coordinate the July Picnic to be held the second Tuesday of the month(2015).

Program Chairperson(s) shall make arrangements for Guild programs at general meetings and speaker work-shops held by invited guest speakers/lecturers/teachers (2015).

Publicity Chairperson(s) shall provide information to the community to keep them informed of Guild activities.

Quarter Yard Club Chairperson(s) shall purchase fat quarters for drawings at each meeting, the proceeds of which are used to purchase the next month's fat quarters.

Quilt Show Chairperson(s) shall oversee the annual Quilt Show, making all necessary arrangements, and hav-ing final word on all committee plans and activities.

Round Robin Chairperson(s) shall coordinate the Round Robin program.

Scholarship Chairperson(s) shall review all scholarship applications and with a committee of at least three more members make a determination as to the winner(s).

Secret Pal Chairperson(s) shall keep records on those who wish to participate in becoming a special, but secret friend to a Guild member.

Share and Care Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for get-well, birth, sympathy, etc. cards to members.

Show and Tell Chairperson(s) shall direct the sharing part of the monthly Guild program.

Speaker Workshop Chairperson(s) shall work closely with the Program Chairperson and be responsible for ad-ministrative aspects of the speaker workshops. (2015)

Treasure Table Chairperson(s) shall be responsible for receiving items brought in by members, pricing such items, selling them to members and turning the money over to the Treasurer.

Web Liaison shall coordinate information between Guild and webmaster (2015).

Section 5
Any elected officer(s) may be removed from office by a 2/3rds vote of members present at any general or special meeting, when all members have been notified.

Section 6
Any new committees and activities may be formed by a majority vote of the vote of the Board of Directors. Details of specific committees will be stated in Board Policy.

Article 6: Governing Boards
Section 1

The Executive Board shall be composed of the elected officers of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2
The Board of Directors of the Guild shall be constituted of the Executive Board, the appointed standing committee chairpersons and all past Presidents in good standing. All shall have full voting powers on Board decisions.

Section 3
If a vacancy occurs, except in the office of President, the vacancy will be filled by appointment by the Executive Board.

Section 4
The Board of Directors will schedule regular monthly meetings, August through June. Other meetings may be announced by telephone, mail or email in advance. A quorum at Board meetings will consist of eleven members of the governing board.

Article 7: Elections
Section 1

The President shall appoint two (2) members of the nominating committee and the remaining members of the Executive Board shall appoint the third (3rd). Every effort will be made to nominate at least two (2) candidates for each office. The nominating committee’s recommendation is to be presented to the general membership at the September general meeting.

Section 2
Voting shall be by ballot or a show of hands at the October meeting. Each member attending the October meet-ing will be given a ballot. There will be an opportunity to make nominations from the floor. If voting is done by bal-lot, members shall mark the ballot and return it to the Nominating Committee during the meeting. The results of the election will be reported immediately by the President with a written report in the newsletter to follow. The new officers will take office on January 1.

Article 8: Amendments to the By-Laws
Amendments to these by-laws shall be made by majority vote of members present at a regular or special meeting, when all Guild members have been notified via newsletter, email and/or regular mail, of all changes at least ten days prior to said meeting.

Article 9: Effective Date
Section 1

The by-laws shall take effect immediately upon their adoption. Revisions, additions or deletions are to be effective upon the date so voted by the membership.

Section 2
These by-laws supersede any and all previously adopted by the Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Nevada County.

Section 3
These by-laws shall be reviewed in the last quarter of all odd numbered years under the direction of the Vice President (Parliamentarian).

Article 10: Parliamentary Authority
The rules of Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised shall govern the Guild in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the rules of the Guild.

By-laws last reviewed and revised in the 4th quarter of 2019 and ratified by the membership in December of 2019

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