"All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle."
Ellen Birdseye Wheaton, 1851

Getting Involved

Its Good to belong

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There's a lot of ways to get invoived with the Pine Tree Quilt Guild. To find out more about the committees, come to the regular monthly meeting and introduce yourself!

Topic:CommitteesCommittees and What They Do

Block-of-the-Month Chairperson(s) selects and prints pattern(s) and be responsible for the Block-of-the-Month at general meetings.

Bus Chairperson(s) makes arrangements for bus travel as needed and collect fees at the time of registration.

Charm Square Exchange Chairperson(s) is responsible for collecting and exchanging squares.

Challenges Chairperson(s) coordinates the Challenges.

Community Service Chairperson(s) works as a community service facilitator to develop a Guild project(s) and promote participation of the Guild general membership.

Computer Records Chairperson(s) keeps all membership records current and is responsible for preparing the roster for printing.

Drop In and Quilt Chairperson(s) provides time and location for Guild members to “drop in and quilt”.

Education Outreach Chairperson(s) is responsible for making our program known and available to area schools and other organizations and coordinating presentations.

Equipment Chairperson(s) keeps track of all the Guild's physical assets, such as quilt frames, projectors, microphones, etc.

Finance, Budget &/Or Audit chairperson(s) assists both Guild and Quilt Show Treasurers with record keeping and government reporting, if requested. Auditor shall audit both sets of books annually and may assist with the Budget Committee.

Friendship Block Chairperson(s) coordinates participation of Guild members.

Historian/Photographer Chairperson(s) keeps a record of Guild events and display this information in a scrapbook and shall take photos as required at general meetings and special Guild events and they will be displayed in a photo album.

Home Workshop Chairperson(s) arranges workshops.

Hospitality/Mentor Chairperson(s) greets new members and visitors at general meetings.

Jamboree Chairperson(s) selects and arranges date, location, and teachers for the Guild’s annual Jamboree.

Junior Members Chairperson(s) is responsible for monthly meetings and planning their junior activities.

Library Chairperson(s) has responsibility of all books, videos, periodicals, etc. donated or purchased for the use of Guild members. The Librarian shall be responsible for recording of items checked in and out of the library, and bring publications to the general meetings for members to check out.

Meeting Set-up and Take-down Chairperson(s) coordinates with the president and/or program chairperson and set up the meeting space with appropriate equipment. At the close of the meeting she shall see to it that all equipment is returned to its proper place.

Membership Chairperson(s) is responsible for the collection of membership dues, dispense membership cards to each member and keep a current roster.

Mini-Group Chairperson(s) assists members in joining a mini-group.

Mystery Gift Chairperson(s) purchases gifts for drawings at each meeting, the proceeds of which are used to purchase the next month's gifts.

N.C.Q.C. (Northern California Quilt Council) representative attends meetings and give reports back to the Board.

Newsletter Chairperson(s) puts out a Newsletter each month before the Guild meeting, which includes notifying members of regular meetings and special events.

Opportunity Quilt chairperson(s) coordinates all aspects of the Opportunity Quilt.

Skill Building Chairperson(s) (formerly called “Beginner Basics”) is responsible for teaching quilting techniques.

Web Liaison coordinates information between Guild and Website.

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