In the Beginning

Our charter Members

Charter Members of 1984

  • Cyntha "Bertie" Brem
  • Marilyn Englking
  • Joan Hartung
  • Jeanne Heibert
  • Carole Hribal
  • Marcia Lyon
  • Betty Maddox
  • Julia Marvel
  • Dixie Nielsen
  • Myrna Raglin
  • Lila Sugg
  • Joy Waggener

Topic: Hall of HonorHall of Honor With Lifetime Membership Award

In 1998, the PTQG Board approved the formation of the Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership Award to acknowledge and show appreciation to members who have contributed to the Guild or quilt world in a special way. Anyone may nominate someone who they feel has truly gone "above and beyond" in contributing substantially to the Guild or quilt world.

Nomination forms are available online, and on the membership table at PTQG general meetings. Criterion for nomination is that nominee must be, or have been an active member in good standing for a minimum of 8 consecutive years, or have supported the Guild's activities and goals by having served as an officer or on committees, or contributed to the Guild or quilt world in a significant way.

Nominations are carefully reviewed by an ad hoc committee and then voted on by the Board. These awards will be given only after much consideration and only to a member whose actions have truly been important to the Guild.

Marjorie McConnell Kris Cook    
Anne Wilson      
Lettie Lewis Valerie Hixson Loren Raglin Judy Vaughn
Marilyn Engelking Robin Mello Dolores Olson  
Claire Carter Deirdre Campbell Jeri Hanson Judy Johnston
Mary Ross Karle deProsse    
Carolyn Christianson Anita Dall
Eleanor Sagely Nancyan Tracy
Carol Phillips** Arlene Robertson Ardy Tobin  
Lois Goodwill      
Ruth Oakey** Lorna Tiller    
Margaret Boothby Grace Evans Sue Fisher Carole Hribal
Betty Lewis** Marcia Lyon Githa Navo Cathy Stone
Ina Gibson Julia Marvel    
 April 1999
Jan Bonner*
Cynthia 'Bertie' Brem
Delta Rose Carr*
Jeanne Gill**
Ruth Hoey*
Betty Maddox
Suzie E. Martin*
Kay Northway*
Myrna Raglin
Peggy Schiffel*
Joann Scroggins*
Flo Sund*
Betty Wrest*
Alma Christensen** Lu Kalvin**    
*Awarded posthumously
** Deceased
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