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Topic: PoliciesPolicies Adopted By Pine Tree Quilt Guild

[year voted on in ( ) at end of each section]


AQS: It was decided not to have an AQS representative as we should patronize our affiliate members. (1993)

BLOCK OF THE MONTH: When there is a minimum of 24 blocks there may be more than one winner drawn. Blocks may be split into groups at the chair's discretion (2007)

Community Service quilts will first be distributed to Nevada County residents in need. Five (5) each of baby, youth, twin, double, and queen/king size quilts will be reserved for local disaster. Ten (10) twin quilts will be reserved for Foster/Homeless youth. The remainder will be distributed throughout the year as requested by agencies and/or members. Ten percent (10%) of quilts not reserved may be used for out of county disasters. Community Service quilts are not to be donated for fundraising raffles. (2016) (2019)

COMPUTER RECORDS: A roster update will be distributed to members in September. (1988) (2013) (2019)

CHRISTMAS COUNTRY STORE: If the Guild chooses to have a Country Store at the Christmas party (where members may bring in hand made items to be sold) the Guild will not take a percentage. Each member selling things will be responsible for her own selling. (1986)

CHILDREN AT MEETINGS: Children under the age of 10 will not be allowed at the meetings, without prior approval of the president. (1987) (2019)

COMMITTEE CHAIRS will place and keep in the front of their binder a time line and the sections of the By-Laws and Policies pertaining to the Chair's position. (2005)

DROP-IN-AND-QUILT DAY:Unstructured quilting/social time, open to all Guild members. Times and places will be announced. (1998) (2015)(2017)

The purpose of the Featured Quilter is to:
1.  Honor a member
2.  Showcase their body of work
3.  Provide inspiration to the quilting community

The PTQG Board is responsible for selecting the Featured Quilter for the quilt shows at least one year in advance.  The Featured Quilter Nomination Form will be available in the October/November newsletters and at Guild meetings.  Nominations will be given to the Board for voting at the December board meeting.  Once selected, only the chosen nominee will be notified and no one involved in the process will reveal the list of submitted nominees.  The President will announce the Featured Quilter at the January Guild general meeting.

Criteria used to select the Featured Quilter:
1.Member of the Guild for four years.
2. Active member of the guild. (2016)
In lieu of a featured quilter, the Board may decide to feature a special exhibit. (2017)

FINANCE: Treasurer should prepare a prior year fiscal statement and publish it in the February newsletter. (1987) A monthly report of income and expenses shall be in the newsletter, as well as the Quilt Show balance. (1998) (2006)

All bills presented to the treasurer for payment must be with original receipts. (1990) A check request form shall accompany the receipt(s) with appropriate explanation of the expense and be submitted no later than the December board meeting. (1998) (2015)

All funds budgeted for each committee and not spent within a budget year will revert to the general fund and will not be carried forward to the following year. (1997)

The Finance Chair is responsible for filing all necessary tax forms for a non-profit organization. (1998) The Treasurer shall maintain a reserve of no less than $25,000.00. (2008) (2017)


PURPOSE: This special award enables the Guild to acknowledge and show appreciation to a member that has contributed to the Guild or the quilt world in a special way. (1998)

HOW: The committee would consist of the Vice-President, a Board member, three "Hall of Honor" members, and one alternate "Hall of Honor" member. Any committee member that has nominated another member or has been nominated herself will abstain from review and the committee selection process in regards to that individual. The alternative committee member will replace her for that one member's review process. The members chosen from the Board volunteers, and the "Hall of Honor" members shall be determined by a random drawing. The Committee only qualifiesthose that have been nominated. (2001) (2005) (2006)

CRITERIA: for “Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership” are: Nominee must have been an active member, in good standing, for a minimum of eight (8) consecutive years and shall have supported the Guild’s activities and goals by having served as an officer or on committees or contributed to the Guild in a significant way. These awards should be given only after much consideration and only to a member whose actions have truly been important to the Guild! (1998) (2005) (2013) (2015) The Committee certifies qualifications by checking prior years’ Rosters, Newsletters, and Membership records. (2001) (2015)

PROVISION FOR POSTHUMOUS AWARD: This provision is included in order to acknowledge a deceased member that has met the criteria described above. By honoring this member with an induction into the "Hall of Honor", the Guild would be
recognizing the special contribution this member made to the Guild. Posthumous award criteria would be the same as the "Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership" with the exception of membership time being five (5) years. (1998) (2005)

FORM: A nomination form will be made available by the Committee. The following information must be submitted: 1) name of nominee, 2) reason for and qualification of the nominee, and 3) signature of nominator. (1998)

VOTE: The committee shall review each nomination and present their recommendations to the Board for a vote. (1998) The vote shall be by secret ballot and carried by a simple majority of the Board members present. (2001)

RECORD: Nominees not selected in a year will not be carried forward, and their nominations shall be destroyed and not made public. (2001) The Vice-President, as chairman of this committee, shall keep a record of all inductees. Records shall
include: 1) a copy of the certificate presented, 2) photos, 3) dates and any other information available which will historically document each inductee honored. (1998)

AWARD: The Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Nevada County "Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership" inductees shall be granted all privileges of regular membership. Recipient shall pay no membership (2011) dues, and be admitted to the annual quilt show free of charge. Inductee may attend all classes but must pay class fees. Inductees shall receive a card and/or badge to show when necessary at Guild functions. (1998) (2005)

CERTIFICATE: The inducted member shall receive an appropriately framed certificate. This certificate shall state the most significant, if not all, contributions of the inductee. (1998)

WHEN AND WHERE: The framed certificate is to be presented at a regular Guild meeting (decided by the Board) by one of the following: 1) the current President, 2) the Executive Board, or 3) a committee appointed by the president. If the inductee
is unable to attend the regular meeting due to health or extenuating circumstances, then other arrangements shall be made. The award may be presented in a variable time frame with no limits to the number of inductees in a given year, nor is it mandatory that an induction be made every year. (1998)

FINANCIAL IMPACT: The cost should be included under expenses in the annual budget. The "Hall of Honor with Lifetime Membership" expense per inductee would include: dues, newsletter, admission to the annual quilt show, and a one time expense of the framed certificate. (2011 approx $35) The posthumous expense would be the framed certificate and additional unframed copies if requested by family members. Other nominal expense would be record keeping in a binder or album. (1998) (2005) (2011)

HOME WORKSHOP: Home workshops are free to members.  The Home Workshop chair is responsible for recruiting guest teachers who will present at no cost.  The guest teacher will provide a supply list to the Home Workshop chair who will provide this to participants via email. Participants are responsible for bringing all supplies required for the project. (2017)

JAMBOREE:When funds are available, this is the Guild’s way of thanking members for their active participation in the Guild throughout the year. (2000) (2013) Junior Members are welcome to attend a class with their sponsors, with the approval of the instructor. (2000) Members may be asked to pay a non-refundable fee. (2017)

JUNIOR MEMBERS: Junior Member shall be Guild members with basic sewing skills. (2000) Junior Member Mentors do not have to be guild members (2009) Children no younger than 10 years old, with no exceptions, can join Junior Quilters.

LIBRARY: The budget will have a line item added for purchase of the monthly Library books. (2003) Names of people with overdue library books may (2011) be printed in the newsletter each month at the chair's discretion. If books are lost the member checking out the book is responsible for replacing the book. (1993)

Optional (2011): Each year the Library Committee will check with the county library and then purchase and present a book.(1998) Money will come out of the General Fund Budget. (2004)

MEMBERSHIP: Name tag use should be enforced. (1985) There is a 25 cent fine for members not wearing a name tag at general meetings. Stick-on name tags will be provided. All fines will be turned in to the Treasurer. (1988)

Non-renewing members will receive the January Newsletter issue as their last one. (2004)

Dues must be paid by January 15 in order for the member to be included in the roster which will be distributed at the February meeting. (1992)

Members may join in November for the following year. (2001)

Members and (2009) Affiliates who join after July 1st will pay half the respective (2009) fee. The designation "Affiliate Member" is being changed to "Affiliate" (2009)

Records will be kept for 3 years. Old rosters will be shredded (2006)

All guests and new members shall (2011) be introduced at general meetings. (1985)
Each member will be given one roster. There will be a charge of $1.00 for the second one except for officers who need extras. (1985)

By-laws and Policies will be printed in the back of the roster. (1988 & 1998)

MILEAGE: Any out of town Guild business will be reimbursed at 80% of the standard IRS business rate (2007)

Mini-Groups contribute to the Guild through service and donations.  A majority of a Mini-Group must be Guild members. To become a recognized Mini Group you will need to submit a list of all members’ names to the Mini Group Chair. The contact person for the Mini Group needs to inform the Mini Group Chair of meeting days, times and location. (2016)

MYSTERY GIFTS: There are 5 chances to win per $1.00 for the quilt related raffle gifts. If a person leaves before the drawing then another ticket will be drawn. (2000)

NEVADA COUNTY FAIR PRIZES: (1993) (2006) The Guild will donate $100 annually for Nevada County Fair quilting award(s). (2019)

NEW MEMBERS EVENT: Will be held once a year, and organized by the Vice President or her designee (2007) (2013)

NEWSLETTER: Display ads will no longer be printed in the newsletter. (2003) The Newsletter will not accept ads from outside the Guild. (2005) The newsletter will be distributed via the Guild's website. Option for printed and first class delivery of the newsletter will be available, however, member will pay the current cost of printing and mailing. (2011) (2013)

OPPORTUNITY QUILT:The Opportunity Quilt shall reflect the best work of the Pine Tree Quilt Guild. Committee shall consist of a minimum of 3 members. Said committee shall oversee the choosing of the pattern, and the making of the Quilt. The Quilt shall be completed by April and entered for judging in the Guild Quilt Show and the Nevada County Fair. (2011) (2013) (2015) A donated quilt may be used as an Opportunity Quilt with board approval. (2017)

OPPORTUNITY QUILT MARKETING: Responsible for the printing of the Opportunity Quilt tickets and postcards and marketing of the Quilt. (2015)

OPPORTUNITY QUILT TICKETS:1) Six tickets are sold for $5.00. Tickets are $1.00 if sold separately. 2) Tickets and money are to be turned in by Friday prior to the show setup to the Opportunity Ticket Chairperson. (2001) 3) (2003) Each member is encouraged, but not required, to sell at least two books of tickets.  If for some reason they are unable to sell the tickets, they would be returned to the guild. (2007)(2017)

PATCHWORK STAR: Each month the membership will meet a "Patchwork Star". A person is selected from the membership list, an interview is done, her story printed in the newsletter and the Star is introduced at the general meeting. The Star shows some of her work, and receives a "Star" pin. (2015)

PRESIDENT'S GIFT: The outgoing president shall receive quilt blocks only (not completed quilt) of her choice (2011) made on a voluntary basis by the general membership. The president from the previous year is in charge and coordinates the project. (1991) The outgoing President will be asked if she would like a plaque
commemorating her year(s) as President and given one if she desires. (1999) The current Vice President will assist in reminding the past President when blocks are due. (2011)

PROGRAMS: If a Guild member is a professional speaker she will be paid her going rate. If another member gives a presentation she will be paid a nominal fee plus expenses. (1986 & amended in 1994)

Guest speakers may sell books and other items. (1988)

The Guild member who hosts a guest speaker in her home shall provide room and board for the speaker. The hostess shall receive a free workshop voucher, redeemable for one Guild workshop of her choice at time of sign up. If the speaker is taken out for dinner, the Guild will pay for the speaker's dinner (1989 and amended in 1994, 1996 and 2011) A coupon will be given to Guild member, to be redeemed at time of workshop sign up (2011)
The program chairman shall have a signed contract for each speaker and a copy shall be given to the Executive Board. (1989) (2011)

QUARTER YARD CLUB: The fabric purchases are to be funded by ticket sales (2009). There are 5 chances to win per $1.00 for groupings of fat quarters. Number of chances to win is dependent on previous months' ticket sales. (2011)

QUILT SHOW: The name for the quilt show will be "Springtime in the Pines" permanently. (1986) The theme will be decided by the Quilt Show Committee (2013)

The quilt show shall have its own treasurer and a separate bank account. (1990) A budget shall be prepared by the Show Chairman and treasurer and made available to the Guild officers. Expenses will be reported in the monthly newsletter. (1998) Signatures for the Quilt Show bank account should be any three (3) (2013) of the following officers: Guild President, Quilt Show Chairman, Quilt Show Co-chairman, or Quilt Show Treasurer. (2000) The volunteer officers (Quilt Show Chairman, Quilt Show Secretary, and Quilt Show Treasurer) may serve no more than two consecutive years in any one office. (2000) The Quilt Show financial records should have an internal audit each year conducted after the close of the Show’s books. (2000) (2015)

Complete minutes of the Quilt Show Committee meetings shall be available online. (2001) (2015)

The Guild will hold two drawings at the end of the quilt show. Each person who works at the show will have her name entered. If a person also has worked on the committee all year her name will go in a second drawing. (1993) A person's name may be entered in both drawings. The prize will be a free workshop given by a visiting teacher. (1994) A voucher for a free Guild workshop to be redeemed at time of sign up. (2011)

QUILT FRAMES: We do not loan or rent any Guild owned quilt frames or equipment to anyone. (1990 & 2001) PTQG frames and equipment are for the sole use of the Quilt Show and Guild committees' business only. (2001) AWARDS: For "Viewer's Choice" a 1st place ribbon will be given to the recipient with the most votes within each
category chosen at the discretion of the chair (2008)

On the closing day of the Quilt Show, the following drawings will be announced at the following times: (2001)
A. Opportunity Quilt 3:00 P.M.
B. Silent Auction 3:15 P.M.
C. Baskets 3:30 P.M. (Ticket sales will close at 3:15 P.M. (2013)

BASKETS: The number of baskets will be determined by the number of items donated to fill them. This will be left to the discretion of the committee (2007) Ticket pricing for the basket raffle will be at the discretion of the Basket Committee, with the approval of the Quilt Show Committee (2008) (2011)

BOUTIQUE: Members and non-members will be allowed to sell items in the boutique. A % will be deducted from their payment for the guild.  (2017)

1) Binders must be turned into the Quilt Show Chairperson on or before the wrap up meeting. DO NOT PUT THE BINDERS IN THE BOXES THAT GO TO THE STORAGE SHED. 2) Binders must be brought up to date before being turned in.

1) Only members of the Guild will be allowed to sell items in the Store.
2) Sellers must give the Chairperson a self-addressed stamped envelope in which to receive payment.
3) On the day of set-up prior to the show's opening, the Country Store Chairperson has the option to allow the sale of one item to each worker.

GROUP DISCOUNTS: Must have at least 10 people to qualify for a $1.00 discount on each ticket. All tickets must be purchased at the same time. (2001) (2013)

INFORMATION BOOTH: Workers will make announcements about the lunch room, on-going demos, silent auction, door prizes, baskets, Featured Quilter, and other necessary announcements. They will keep a sign-in sheet for people interested in entering a quilt for the following year's show. (2001) Information Booth workers are not responsible for keeping an eye on other Quilt Show worker's purses, etc. (2001)

JUDGING: Any entry into the Quilt Show may be submitted for Judging, with appropriate fees paid. (2011)

JUNIOR QUILTERS: Jr. Quilters will be paired off, one or two, with their sponsor or a responsible adult while working at assigned duties during specific shifts. (2001)

LIFETIME MEMBERS: Lifetime Members get into the show free. They should wear their "Lifetime" name tag. (2001)

QUILTER'S CAFE: Lunches will be available for purchase. Each sponsored booth may receive up to two free lunches per day. (2019)

PROPS: No props are to be put into the show for sale. (2001)

PUBLICITY: The Quilt Show Chairpersons can distribute Quilt Show passes, at their discretion, for advertising purposes or as a thank you. (2001)

QUILT ENTRIES: 1) The entry form will be available online beginning in February. 2) No quilt shall be removed from the Quilt Show prior to the regular pickup time. This includes quilts for sale and props. (2001) 3) An entry may be accepted if it has not been shown in the previous two years at a quilt guild show in Nevada County or an adjacent county. (2006) 4) A member will be designated to assist those without a computer and/or internet. (2017) 5) Quilts entered for judging will be entered at the current skill level of the entrant. (2018)

SALE OF DISPLAYED QUILTS: 1) No price will be listed on the description card. "For Sale, inquire at the information booth" will be noted on the description card. The booth worker will exchange phone numbers of the prospective buyer and seller. 2) The Guild is no longer involved in the sale of the quilt. 3) The seller of the quilt is to pay the Guild 10% of the sale price. (2001)

SILENT AUCTION: All items donated must be finished and will be accepted at the discretion of the Silent Auction Chairperson. (2001)

VENDORS: All information and regulations are stated in the contract. (2001) (2017) (2019

SCHOLARSHIP:Any Guild member may apply for our annual scholarship if he/she meets scholarship guidelines. (1990)

The scholarship is open to a student who plans to study fiber arts, textiles, or related fields. (1991)The scholarship is open to a stu-dent of Nevada County High Schools or a resident of Nevada County. (1996)

The scholarships will be in memory of Jeanne Gil: (2006) and Carol Phillips (2013) (2015)

The amount for scholarship(s) shall be determined by the PTQG annual budget (2007) (2015) and shall not exceed $3,000. (2011) (2015)

SPEAKER WORKSHOP GUIDELINES: (2011) (1988) Members pay $30/day for a speaker workshop. Nonmembers pay $10 more/day and may attend only if the class is not full. (2018) (2019)

The workshop sign-up dates will be set at the discretion of the Speaker Workshop Chair. (2009) (2015)

Payment must be made at the time of signing up. (1994)

If a cancellation is made up until seven days before the date of the class the fee will be refunded. If a cancellation is made after the seven day deadline the fee will not be refunded unless a replacement can be found. (1994) All sign-ups and cancellations must be done through the Program or her designated sub-chairman. (1994)

All sign-ups and cancellations must be done through the Speaker Workshop Chair. (1994) (2015)

TICKET SELLING AT MEETINGS: Anyone wishing to sell things at a general meeting, including raffle tickets for a quilt must have prior approval from the president. (1988)

TREASURE TABLE: Each month at the general meeting there may be a "treasure table" where members may bring in unwanted items. These items may be sold to other members at very low prices with all monies going to the Guild. (1993)

1.  Use of the Guild’s non-profit status will be granted by the Board on a case-by-case basis.  A written request to the Board and an oral request at a board meeting are required.
2.  Newsletters will be expanded to include a “Haves and Wants” column.  This section of the newsletter will be dedicated to quilt related announcement and may be used by non-members.  The Newsletter Chair will edit submissions to fit the space and they will be run for two months.
3.  Email blasts are reserved for Guild business only.  Other use of the Guild’s email blast notifications will be granted by the Board on a case-by-case basis.  A written request to the Board and an oral request at a board meeting are required for approval.  In an emergency, a written request will be submitted to the Guild President who may obtain Executive Board approval.
4.  Announcements at Guild meetings may be made by members and non-members and should be related to the mission of the Guild.  (2016)

POLICY CHANGES: Revisions, additions, or deletions of these Policies shall be in effect immediately upon being discussed and voted in by a majority of the Board. The Vice-President (Parliamentarian) will forward any changes to the Computer Records Chairperson for immediate inclusion into the Policies records. (2000) (2005) The Vice-President’s committee will review Guild By-Laws and Board Policies in October with By-laws voted on by members in December. All the changes will be made available on the guild website. (2000) (2005) (2013) (2015)

Policies last reviewed in the 4th quarter of 2019 and approved by the Board in Dec of 2019

Note: (If new print-outs of these By-laws or Policies are required,l contact the Computer Records Chairperson)

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